Sunday, 28 November 2010

2Sexy4Us II

Nobody should fuck in a Holiday Inn unless they're exploring their dark side. The small room was dingy: badly lit and the mattress lumpy and soft. There was no soap in the bathroom. I showered and put on underwear that was only there for being taken off again. I considered putting my clothes back on, turning left out of the bathroom door and leaving. Instead I turned right and went into the bedroom.

2Sexy4Us had already started. They were rolling around on the bed oblivious, fucking in staccato bursts. 2Sexy4Us ignored me for a good minute, but then he said, Oh look, Laura, she's here. Shall we invite her onto the bed?

Ms 2Sexy had never done cunnilingus before and wanted to try it. Mr 2Sexy watched and I lay back as she went down on me. She was actually quite good. In her hesitancy she was gentle and I came - unexpectedly - quickly. Then Mr 2Sexy wanted a turn which is when things went downhill.

Mr 2Sexy had hands like crab claws with jagged nails. I had previously seen his fingers swishing around his girlfriend's arsehole as he jiggled her on top of him. At my request, he had washed his hands but probably not very well in the soap-free bathroom. 2Sexy's mouth went down hard on my clit and as he sucked it at least one finger and a thumb poked into my cunt. As I tensed his other hand started to move towards my bum as though he meant to cover all bases. It was intolerable and after a few seconds I asked him to take his fingers out of me and go more easily. I explained that I was quite sensitive.

Oh, you're not at all like the girl we met here a few weeks ago, said 2Sexy. She really was an "all holes filled" girl wasn't she, Laura? But she did rush off really quickly afterward.

For something else to do, they then took out a very cheap strap-on dildo, another fantasy of Laura's, supposedly. I stepped into it and lay on my back so she could straddle me. 2Sexy then got on top of both of us. Just fuck me hard in the arse before I explode, said Laura, sandwiched between us, and he did. As we bounced around the dildo slipped out of her. I watched, impressed at how hard she could take it.

There's something I haven't mentioned before and now I'm a bit embarrassed. There is no elegant way to broach it at this point but I should have said ages ago that Laura had never had an orgasm and I knew this even before I got to the hotel room.

In retrospect it was just another red flag I gaily ignored. My experience with anorgasmic women was limited at the time to a very cute, sweet and naive girl who I had fucked a couple of times and then lost interest in. This was at least in part because she couldn't have orgasms and I didn't know how to have sex on that basis. I'm not saying that orgams are always easy to come by (God knows) but they should at least be possible, otherwise what are you working toward? I could be flamed for that. I know it's wrong, but anyway...

Laura wasn't going to come and 2Sexy decided that it was my turn. Having stopped him from touching me it would have been too unfriendly to refuse. Fortunately, having already fucked Laura hard he was now pretty close to coming and in a few minutes it was all over. We said our goodbyes. It was a schoolnight, after all.

My journey home was uneventful and the next day I got cystitis. 

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