Friday, 25 February 2011

Am I Depressed?

Today Stan, my life coach (ahem), asks me if I am depressed.

"Not in the way that I was in my '20s," I reply. "Honestly, I've known depression and I don't feel sad like that, but I've no enthusiasm for anything, I feel physically exhausted and I just don't know where to start on everything that feels wrong at the moment."

I suppose that could be depression.

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Monday, 7 February 2011

A Double Date Looms

We have a date with Lou and her boyfriend Will this week. It's a dinner and sex, or food and fucking if you prefer, and it's at our house so it's definitely going to happen. Last time Will's work schedule interfered and we had to leave after dinner so that he could get up early the next day. Lou was very sweet in her disappointment but Will was adamant.

She's driving this scenario. It's usually one person more than the other. That night she looked like a Goth princess, having made great effort with her appearance, cleaned their home to an almost Spartan tidiness and cooked roast lamb with mint sauce for everyone. Will sat awkwardly in his chair and did not exactly spring up to welcome us. He's not sophisticated but he's a nice guy, just shy and probably shouldn't have gotten stoned before we arrived. He's got a very nice body. I'd like to know what would unlock him.

So we were not entirely convinced by the work excuse and I suspect this date is make or break for us as a foursome.
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Friday, 4 February 2011

Sugar high

Happy people make me cross but to be honest, so does almost everything tonight. It might have something to do with tiredness or eating too many cakes and chocolates.

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