Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sleepovers, Part 2

By the time Ruby had claimed her orgasm it was 3am. I had work the next day. While she went to the bathroom we talked about what to do. We hadn't actually planned for this and it felt awkward. I don't know whether Ruby had expected to stay but the date felt over.

Virgil and I differ on the question of sleepovers and it is an ongoing thread of our discussions about etiquette in open relationships. I would neither want or expect to stay the night with people I had had sex or played with for the first time (and maybe not ever). I'm not uncaring but I need to know people better for that kind of intimacy.

We offered Ruby the sofabed but she refused and she didn't want us to call a cab. Ruby said she would walk home half an hour through the back streets. We were unable to dissuade her and she left, although she did send a text to say she was safe at home and had seen a huge fox on the way.

Today Virgil was feeling guilty but I wasn't. As a man he has a more developed sense of chivalry. I'm about 6 inches taller than Ruby but I've done my share of walking alone late at night. Sometimes you can't afford a taxi but sometimes you just don't want to pay for one.

Although we both have a sense of Ruby as an adventuress, her vulnerability is more appealing to Virgil than it is to me. He's feeling quite protective about Ruby, more so than if she was someone he was seeing as a single. I think Virgil has romanticised her slightly and I suspect that he will do this with future playmates. Why should she be hurt by us? I like Ruby, although I don't yet know what she wants from our relationship.

Seeing Virgil seduce Ruby gave me a great deal of pleasure. He was charming and gentle with her. He says that in normal circumstances he would want to hold someone and cuddle them for at least an hour after they had come so I suppose we'll have to make her come earlier next time. I was wrecked the next day.

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