Sunday, 27 March 2011

Apparently Everyone is on OKCupid

But I haven't run in to them yet and I'm happy to stay anonymous. I've spent the last few days tinkering around and filling in bits of my profile. I'm a secretive fucker. I don't want people I know reading my profile (at least until it's good).

The epiphany of the username was a false summit. I am now dithering my way through the boxes it asks me to fill in about myself. When I run out of things to put in lists I go and look at other people's profiles for inspiration. I can never remember back past the last few books I've read. I can't tell you what food I like unless I've eaten it very recently. Deep down I think lists are bullshit. I prefer answering questions.

Name six things you can't do without: I say coffee, and immediately start getting pointed towards people who say they can't do without coffee either. I decide that things like coffee and bicycles won't necessarily score me the connections I crave. Maybe I should put orgies, sound spankings, five star hotels and being cooked for.

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