Friday, 1 March 2013

Lateness and discretion

If only one could be honest about these things. "I'm sorry I'm 20 minutes late," I would say, arriving for a shift at the scandalous rag: "I was masturbating. I just couldn't leave the house until I'd had two orgasms, and then I was ruined for about five minutes."

The thought pleases me so much I consider posting it on Facebook as a status update. Then I remember that a few people from work have slipped through my patchily-deployed privacy settings. I think two of them might even be on the same shift and abandon the idea.

Instead I call tech support to help me get in to my work email, forgetting I have pages of my blog open. "Can I close you down and log you off?" they ask, and as my cursor takes on a life of its own I say "Oops, err – hold on a sec."

From the chuckle I hear I suspect I have not been quick enough at closing the windows.

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