Monday, 11 October 2010

All Things Come

I was turned on all day yesterday. Under the desk my cunt's pulse beat. I kept feeling myself get wet. This desire had built all week. I thought about Sunday morning and slow, sweet fucking. I imagined lying spread open, aching and waiting for his mouth and hands, my expectant skin become hypersensitive. 

Usually Virgil is sleeping when I get home from a late shift. I undress in the bathroom and creep into bed, trying not to disturb him but glad that he is a light sleeper. He almost always wakes and wraps himself dreamily around me. 

But last night for a change he was in a bar around the corner with friends and I joined them. It was late when we got into bed and started to kiss but we couldn't wait for the morning. We kissed deeply in the dark and his fingers found out how wet I was. We touched and touched. He laid his cock in the entrance to my cunt and we lay there and felt what that was like.

"I want to go down on you," he said, and put a pillow under me, lifting up my cunt and spreading my legs. I looked down at him in the dark and relaxed into the pleasure of his mouth and hands. "A few minutes more," he said when I told him how I wanted his cock. "I haven't finished here yet." So I lay back and let Virgil take me closer and closer to coming until it seemed very close and I floated on the edge of it.

"I want you now so badly," I said. "Please fuck me."

He just moved up my body and pushed straight into me.* My cunt enclosed him and we moved together. I thought of water and boats moored together at night, rocking on the swell. 

"Oh, you're so wet," whispered Virgil. "Yes, I'm fucking you, fucking your little hole. I'm fucking you, my little whore, and I'm not going to stop fucking you."

The feeling grew up in my cunt and all around my clit until I came with no effort. Soon after we curled up together and slept. This morning there were cramps and my period had come. 

It's past midnight and I'm on another late shift. I wonder if he's awake and thinking about me coming home in an hour and wanting to fuck again.

*This is a true story, so we were indeed having unprotected sex last night.

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