Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Three's company, four is complicated

Finding the right chemistry between four people eludes us.

Miles and Anna came over last night. We played with them a month ago in a hotel room and knew we liked them. Virgil said that he had not wanted to fuck Anna that time. By preference Virgil rarely does fuck on the first encounter. I would have, but for some reason Miles's cock had not gotten very hard, which we didn't dwell on. They're both funny, clever, charming and sexy. They made an effort and brought good wine, which we pretended to drink. I made risotto and a plate of fruit: plums, figs, grapes and nectarines.

After dinner and on the sofa, Virgil started things off with Anna. I wanted to savour the moment and watch them. I asked Miles if he had any voyeuristic tendencies. He said he was more of an exhibitionist. Virgil and Anna asked why we weren't kissing and, obediently, we started to kiss and touch. He was being a bit heavy handed around my throat, which I remembered from last time. Aside from stroking over his jeans, which indicated a certain swelling although not a raging hard on, I tried not to pay too much attention to the state of Miles's erection. On the advice of Virgil, I didn't want him to feel self-conscious about it.

In the bedroom we undressed Anna first. She liked being held down by the three of us. Virgil slapped her face a few times. He and Miles took turns at going down on her. I joined in variously wherever it felt right. I don't enjoy pairing off as much as I enjoy the sexual configurations that three or four can make. While Miles licked Anna his cock felt harder, and I took his cock in my mouth and held his balls. He seemed to like that.

I lay on my back. Miles went down on me. His tongue was insistent and fast and before long he started pushing his finger in and out quite hard. I was looking at Virgil and Anna beside us. They weren't fucking but were kissing deeply and rubbing against each other. I gave in to the orgasm that Miles was insisting I had, aware of Virgil and Anna briefly stopping what they were doing to watch me. As I sat up I saw that Miles's cock was totally limp between his legs.

I confess, that put me off. Virgil says that some men simply don't get very hard but you'd think it would have had at least a bit of blood in it. If Miles and I had been alone I would simply have asked him. Instead I chose the coward's way and said nothing - and did nothing either, because it's rather embarrassing to not be able to make someone hard. And with that impasse the evening soon came to an end. There was a little conversation and then Anna remembered that she had to get up early the next day. Our goodbyes were cheery rather than intimate.

Poor Virgil, who was really enjoying himself and really wanted to fuck Anna, who really wanted to fuck him. I almost suggested that he should meet up with her on his own but that's probably impossible. We're not sure what to do now. We're thinking of writing to them to see if we can work it out, although it's going to be a tricky letter to draft. Other people's relationships are a mystery. The answer could simply be that Miles is not interested and Anna is. It's hard to imagine another encounter with them though - nothing ventured nothing gained.


  1. P going limp probably has more to do with him feeling uncomfortable about another man with his woman than about you not being able to get him hard. I probably missed this post but assuming you two approached them? Maybe she persuaded him to do it against his will, in a way.

  2. It's possible, although P is self-professedly utterly filthy. Ironically, he is very sweet and innocent looking. T thought for a while that maybe P didn't like him full stop, but P said after that he had been nervous. Not that I enjoy pretending arousal, but if as a woman you're not quite getting into it at least you do at least have the option of faking it.