Thursday, 25 November 2010

Oh! That's our neighbour...

I say: Oh! That's our neighbour...

I am looking at the Coco de Mer website. There are pictures of leather bondage harnesses. A few years ago they were at the top of my wishlist. Today I am sighing over a pair of underbust knickers. They are exactly what I have been looking for but now that I have found them I cannot afford them.

I have been trying to tell you that for about a year, says Virgil. Your profound lack of interest in other people will be your undoing.

Virgil and the designer are Facebook friends already so we spend a few minutes looking at pictures of him and his flat. That's exactly like our ceiling, says Virgil.

I am secretly relieved that I was quite friendly and nice about the neighbour's total cooption of our bike room to make his exhibition stands in these last few days. If I'd known what he made I might even have offered to help.

What a lickspittle.

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