Saturday, 4 August 2012


This morning Virgil wants to talk about holiday plans but I'm stewing about Sarah. I want to know but don't want to ask whether he has plans to see her today. Why hasn't he told me more about what's going on between them anyway? All he said recently was that they were going on dates but not having sex. When I asked why he replied that he hadn't wanted to. He said he had just wanted to go home and get on with his work. I didn't understand and still don't, but I have baulked at initiating the conversation. Instead I start to talk about STDs.

'How would you feel if I were to have a lover with an STD?' I ask breezily. Virgil hesitates for a long time. I watch him processing the information. Finally he says, 'How would you feel if I did?'

'I have no idea,' I reply. 'It hasn't happened. On the other hand, I have a prospective lover, someone who I have had sex with in the past and who now has herpes. I had plans to see him recently but he had a flare up. So I'm asking you.'

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