Friday, 10 August 2012


I buy myself a Lelo Gigi. Then I take a picture of it and send it to Virgil. It's an important step: having claimed squatter's rights on his for the last three years I now have my own. It's in pale pink so there can be no question of ownership.

In my brother's bed later (I am housesitting) I christen the Gigi2. It's smooth, sleek and whisper quiet, just like the orgasm it gives me. I come twice and remember that although beautiful it's actually not a very strong vibrator. A few minutes later I give up and fish out a lipstick-size hornet of a vibe. It makes my whole hand buzz. I only have to bring it close to my clit and I have a painfully intense orgasm that is accompanied by a large amount of liquid. Well, I could have stopped myself but it's so rare for me to gush...

I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom to try to pee because I'm still not sure I believe in squirting. I inspect the large wet patch on the back of my nightdress and smell it but it doesn't smell of wee. There's a large wet patch on the sheet and the mattress protector too. I wonder about the etiquette of squirting in the bed of a sibling. It's undoubtedly worse than simply masturbating in it.

I fall asleep, unashamed, curled around my own wet patch and dream chaotic dreams that I do not remember.


  1. You are definitely braver than me! I can only comfortably masturbate in my own bed. Great post.

  2. Practice makes perfect, Tashamber. Start with hotel beds and go from there!