Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A New Fantasy Creation

I had a brand new wank fantasy last night and it got me thinking how my fantasy themes and scenarios have changed over time.

The lengthy, detailed creations of my teenage years and twenties have been gradually overtaken by a handful of to-the-point images that will get me off, whether I'm alone or having sex and need to trigger an orgasm. New scenes don't come up very often anymore and I'm quite excited about it.

Last night at bedtime I was unusually restless. Virgil resents the ease with which I fall asleep at night, often while he is telling me something, but my mind was racing when he insisted on putting the light out and blocked my sexual advances.

"I need to masturbate," I said, and he politely moved over. I considered a vibrator but decided against it. The thing about vibrators is that they can pull an orgasm out of me, no matter what. I wanted the full wank experience, mind and body, so I just stroked around my pussy and thought for a bit.

And I ended up thinking about being spit-roasted. I was kneeling with my ankles tied and my legs spread wide apart, going down on one man who was lying on the bed while another pushed his cock into my cunt from behind and masturbated me. The first man was holding me around the back of the neck. I couldn't bring my legs together. I imagined the feeling of being held and fucked deeply like this. I held the images and the feeling in my head and came.

The only thing that didn't work perfectly about that wank was not falling asleep 30 seconds after.

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