Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flying The Red Flag

If you cut your finger right now, what would you do? You'd put it in your mouth, wouldn't you?

Naive London Girl is unsure about oral sex during menstruation. She is both turned on and repulsed by the idea. I wouldn't let a period spoil good sex, mine or someone else's. Then again, if someone was literally passing clots I would think twice. A bit of blood is sexy in a feral sort of way but it's not a fetish or a sacred experience for me.

I've had sex with a wide variety of people but I've never kept records and I'd like a few statistics at this point. Unfortunately I'm not much of a Googler. I turn up a couple of general sex surveys online but they don't even mention it. That's bizarre. If I were writing a survey about sexual mores I'd say that attitudes to period sex and cunnilingus were worth asking about, wouldn't you?

But I did find a lovely site explaining how to earn your Red Wings and wear them with pride. 

In spite of my failure as a sex researcher, I can say with some certainty that any man's attitude to period sex and cunnilingus is quite unpredictable. One cannnot assume anything. It's not that alternative types do and straights don't. Sartorial taste, eating habits and personal politics are not reliable indicators. You just have to ask - and preferably well before the point at which a refusal would offend.

The issue came up recently with a couple we played with. Ava's period arrived unexpectedly so she wrote privately to me before our date to ask if we should postpone. She didn't mind but Marcus wasn't keen on period sex. Virgil, who was reading over my shoulder, was exasperated. He had already gone down on her before when she had her period, so it was academic, surely? Marcus sank in Virgil's estimation. In hindsight I think he might have put her up to it.

Virgil is scornful of men who are fastidious about menstrual blood. It's not just that he has a feral streak, I think he likes making love to me when I'm achey and vulnerable. He finds crying women sexy. I'm going to ask him about this tomorrow. We have some of our best sex during my period and if it gets messy we simply boil the sheets.


  1. Ruf described it as 'looking like an axe murder down there' after we had period sex. He will still partake but not orally. And I think I would be extremely uncomfortable with him emerging with a faceful of blood.

  2. Well, it's true that a bloody lip suits some people better than others...