Friday, 16 July 2010

Sex On Drugs

I can't have an orgasm when I've taken MDMA. Neither can Virgil but, unlike many men (he tells me), he can stay hard.

"It's so ironic that you can't come when I could literally fuck you for hours," he says. Virgil's had several lovers who could come on MDMA and I know he's disappointed.

"But it's the journey, honey," I say. "Sex on Ecstacy is like a never-ending orgasm and I *can* go on for hours."

Before Virgil, my experience of sex on drugs was limited to this:

a) many years of stoned fucking because for many years I was stoned most of the time. It was good in a dreamy, intense way, but I no longer smoke weed;

b) sharing a pill with a boyfriend one night when I was 21. With 5 pints of cider already inside him, he fell quickly asleep. I fumed and dozed;

c) an experiment with GHB in Dresden from which I contracted cystitis and a lifelong aversion to men with long, dirty fingernails.

With the naivety of someone who hardly ever did, until I met Virgil I had thought drugs were something one went out to do. Staying in and having sex on drugs with him has been a revelation. In terms of the kudos and gratitude earned by introducing a partner to a new experience I may never equal it. That's credit in the relationship bank for Virgil, then. I just asked him to name an experience I had introduced him to and he said being fucked with a strap-on, but he didn't know what I was comparing it with.

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