Saturday, 25 September 2010

I Don't Believe In The Gaze (neither does the Office For National Statistics)

I'm really enjoying Quiet Riot Girl's blog but I wish she'd tone down some of the academicism (is that a word?). Well, to be honest, she makes me feel ignorant and lazy. Her blog is immeasurably better than mine.

Part of me wishes I'd stayed on at college after my first (cultural studies) degree. Maybe then, like QRG, I would be able to bandy around words like hyper-objectification and post lengthy deconstructions of Armani adverts . Where does she find time to write such tracts?

The other part of me finds academics who write about sex boring and annoying. I object to the application of academic or specialist words to something that we should be able to talk or write about in everyday language. What you end up with are a few essentially like-minded academics quibbling over definitions and nuances, while everyone else goes about their business hooking up and getting off (or not).

I have to remind myself that there are probably vast tracts of knowledge of which QRG knows nothing. She probably couldn't even point with a finger to where her ascending colon is.

I'm also struggling with the result of research by the ONS which says that only 1.5% of the population is gay, lesbian or bisexual (or willing to identify themselves as such in their survey). It seems unbelievably low, even if they did ask 238,000 people. They only talk about gays, lesbians and bisexuals, mind. I don't know if they've included anyone who's ever had a brush with the same sex or all those straight political girls who like to call themselves queer.


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