Saturday, 11 September 2010

Trust And The Other Woman

An update on my post 'Fucking Awful':

My iPhone recovered.

I didn't get thrush.

The someone Virgil was having dinner with was Beatrix, with whom we have recently been enjoying threesomes and sauna sex. Virgil also had sex with her once before. It was early this year I think. He only told me because I asked him about it after we had had the threesome.

I already knew that Virgil and Beatrix had been lovers at some point. I had asked them just as we had all started to kiss and talk of leaving the club we were in. I was not surprised. I had suspected but had preferred not to ask. However, as we were all about to go to bed together it seemed better to be open. I did once have a threesome with a couple, having illicitly fucked the man first, and I would not do so again.

There had been some slight hesitation in Virgil's voice or expression whenever he referred to Beatrix for as long as I can remember. I remember a bus ride the three of us took home from an evening out (it was the first time Beatrix and I met) and being aware of an atmosphere.

I hadn't realised it was while he and I were living together.

Virgil told me that sex with Beatrix had been disappointing. He said he had ended the evening feeling sad and wishing he was with me. He had not intended to repeat the experience, except that we all ended up in bed together and that really was good. They do see each other socially as friends but Virgil is slightly ambivalent about Beatrix's charms. She is a complex creature when you get to know her, he says. Winsome and needful of friends who will pay court to her, which is not his style at all.

When he told me about the dinner invitation, I couldn't resist asking him whether he was planning to have sex. He said no, but he shaved, cleaned his teeth and put on aftershave anyway. I could smell it when I came home to the flat he had already left. But he came back too early to have fucked Beatrix, and his erection in bed suggested the same. We didn't talk about her or what had or had not happened, and the next day Beatrix texted to ask me out so next week I have a date with her. Virgil laughed when I told him and wondered aloud what she is up to.

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