Monday, 17 June 2013

Social media explanation

This is an update on last night's post.

Hurray for not blowing my top last night. I texted Virgil:
"I've unfollowed you on Twitter after I clicked on your page and saw a private message between you and Sarah that I found very hard to see. I think that if you use Twitter in that way it's better we don't follow each other. It's too painful."

Virgil didn't know what I was talking about. He said there was just a silly remark about waking up and eating chocolate which he had tweeted and she had responded to. It wasn't a tweet directed specifically at Sarah. She hadn't left the chocolates. She hadn't even been over. He had bought them. He tweeted that it was a 'sharing' bag meaning it was ironic because he hadn't shared them - my stupid brain had simply taken the words and run amok with them.

Goddamn, Harlot. Stupid idiot. You must stop doing this to yourself. So thankful I didn't react aggressively and in anger. I logged back into Facebook and unblocked Virgil but I'm not sure what to do about Twitter. I am curious about what he does - after four years of knowing where he was most of the time, and even in the last year having a joint diary - and Twitter is too much of a temptation.

Of course I shouldn't have clicked on Virgil's profile and looked at his other tweets. Can I trust myself not to? I'm far too oversensitive, paranoid, jealous, emotionally unstable right now. The last few days have been hell although there are other factors at play which probably merit a post of their own.

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