Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Disappointment, and We Rescue a Damsel From a Distressing Situation

The party is on the ground floor of a new-build block of flats in a business district of the city. The venetian blinds are drawn but light comes round the sides. I say, maybe we should have a code word for if we want to leave. Virgil rolls his eyes and says, the code word is I want to go now.

We don't know the door code. I phone Bob and he comes out to get us. In fact, he's so fast that he might almost have been standing behind the front door. Simone comes to say hello wearing a black basque and G-string. She laughs and says she didn't have time to go home between work and the party... Agnes is wearing a chemise and french knickers with a woolen cardigan over the top.

Simone looks a bit intoxicated already. She's putting on a show, being a sex party hostess. I think of Alison Steadman in Abigail's Party. Agnes actually does look rather sexy. I am aware of other people in the background looking at us, the new arrivals.

Virgil says later that he knew within seconds that we weren't going to stay and get involved. It is the same for me. The room is over-lit and there is a light haze of cigarette smoke. The smell is almost the first thing I notice. A dozen or so people are sitting on sofas or standing around, and with the exception of one woman none look attractive or interesting.

It's the WAG aesthetic again. The girls are mostly wearing little party dresses with big heels and I imagine them in their bedrooms going online and connecting with people online. They look too young and blandly unoriginal. They are drinking a blue vodka drink and I don't want to talk to them.

We talk to our hosts, and I make sure that we sit next to the interesting-looking woman. We introduce ourselves to Avril, and find that the man who I had taken for her partner is just another guest and that she is here alone. She looks out of place and it's true: her attendance at this sex party is actually the result of a slight misunderstanding with Bob.

Half the people in the room are suddenly absent - they have gone to one of the bedrooms. In the respite this gives, we drink champagne, talk to Avril, and our hosts, and consider what would be the earliest time we could leave without appearing to bolt. A man wearing only pants appears and pays court to Avril on the sofa. He leans into her, making his point with some emphasis and gesticulating. Avril holds her seat but by the way her face is pulled right back she does not seem to appreciate his attention.

Our departure time arrives. We are going to go to a burlesque show in the East End. Virgil invites Avril to accompany us and she literally leaps to her feet. We realise with some concern that our coats must be in the action room. I am dispatched to get them because Virgil in a rare unchivalrous moment is adamant that it would look less creepy (I will have revenge for that).

Fortunately the room is an L-shape and when I enter I am screened from most of the people. There is a bathroom immediately to my left. Simone sees me and backs me into it with a gleam in her eye. There then follows a whispered negotiation in which she agrees to fetch the coats in return for a kiss and a promise that I will be in touch again. What can I do?

She goes to get the coats. I gently but firmly push away a grinning man who approaches, waving his cock at me. Simone can't find the coats: I have to go into the main area, where several couples are fucking on the bed while men stand around, cocks in hands, watching.

I retrieve our coats from the wardrobe. New-build bedrooms are tiny. We are grinning as we walk away. The fresh air is so good. Virgil is righteously annoyed at the lack of attention to detail and the poor quality of the guests. I am disappointed, having hoped that this invitation might have been an entree to good adventures, but mostly just glad to be gone.

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