Saturday, 12 December 2009

More Website Issues and a Reccy

Project Swing bumps slowly along, with almost no website activity and no one I'm at all excited about on the horizon. We have written to a few people so there is little to do as we wait for their responses. We like to set people homework and give them questions to answer. This is Virgil's idea and I approve of it.

We recently received a response from the female half of 'CityCouple' (not an inspiring moniker and I'm not turned on by their pictures but the correspondence has been reasonable) listing the three things she could not live without as 1. laughter (with a link to her favourite funny website. It's a risk. Lots of comedy isn't instantly funny: it grows on you - it's like trying to explain why Curb Your Enthusiasm is so hilarious to someone who has never watched it.). Items 2. and 3. were the sublime (or, as she put it, normal things that suddenly seem amazing) and her friends.

She's something of a romantic then, nourished by the intangible. His considered, much more crafted response, suggested a more materialist nature: good food, good company and the consumption of culture were his choices. We are also being pursued by a couple, who have sent us a note or two and an invitation to view their private photo album, in which the woman lolls on her back, fingers toying with her shaved cunt. I don't really like the photos. I especially don't warm to the photos of the man, who looks to be something of an amateur photographer, in which he pouts to left and right, trying out expressions for the camera.

For all that Virgil and I like to write, and have spent a fair amount of creative energy representing ourselves in prose, we have spent next to no time on portraiture, an omission we intend to remedy soon but never quite get around to. The pursuing couple look a bit too old - not too old for me, really, but too old for Virgil, who is seven years younger than I am.

Age is something we often disagree about. I cannot imagine having someone younger than, say 26, which is 12 years younger than me. I may appear younger than my years (when I'm not looking tired or cross), but I don't want to feel old in a group situation. Virgil has been writing to an attractive young couple, attractive enough that he's not deterred by their problems with grammar, punctuation and spelling, which he is usually a total stickler for. They sound nice though, and the photographs speak for themselves.

Virgil once introduced me to a much younger lover of his who wanted to experience other women sexually with the idea that we three might play. The nature of their relationship was one of pedagogue and ingenue. She wanted to submit and be used, while knowing nothing of the language and rituals of BDSM. There was a side of her that wanted to be tied up, gagged and raped, and Virgil was happy to oblige. The plot foundered largely because of the age gap, although we were also very different people.

Virgil said that he was motivated mostly by the desire to groom someone in order to share her with me but I know that he genuinely found her intriguing and had some kind of affection for her. At the very least he had a sense that what was happening between the two of them had its own course to run and that he owed it to her to do that. She was very young and startlingly attractive, uncertain of herself but in a process of becoming something. It wasn't clear what exactly, but she had potential. If she had not died, suddenly and unexpectedly, what kind of interesting situation might have developed?

Her family chose to bury her rather than wait for a full coroner's investigation. I accompanied Virgil to the funeral, where he looked gaunt and unhappy. So far she has been the only lover I've shared with him, as far as I know, and not for long at that. I wonder if I might have become jealous of her over time, if she and Virgil had continued some kind of relationship? It was at a time before we had acknowledged the bond that was growing between us and used the word 'relationship'.

What would my top three things be, apart from Virgil, the things I could not live without? Food. Sex. Books. The sun. Trees. We went to a queer cafe/social night last night in a squalid squat in the back of ___ called The Butchery, named after its original function. Apart from the crowd of ___ and queer alternatives, a sizeable film crew with some really fancy-looking equipment was shooting outside. It gave the proceedings, said Virgil, an air of being staged. We wondered if we were going to see ourselves in some documentary soon after.

The visit was in order to meet Lucian, who I wanted to involve in a sex party project. He would be a good link to the queer alternative set and has experience. He's also charming and hot, although I don't know how much women figure in his sexual preferences. We didn't actually get to talk at all as the night was unexpectedly successful and Lucian was being kept busy behind a counter loaded with vegan cakes, stuffed peppers and cans of cider.

An acquaintance of Virgil's also showed up, as well as quite a few of mine who don't know about the sex party plans and with whom I am not ready to share... so not a lot of talking got done but Virgil and Lucian got to shake hands and we promised a proper meet soon. There was a swaying-drunk but cartoon-gorgeous girl with pink hair and freckles who bared her small, pierced breasts at us (well, me more than Virgil, I like to think), ostensibly to show off a large tattoo of a Keralan Communist wearing a sari and waving a flag across her shapely torso.

Conversation lurched to a halt. I had no idea how to handle a girl like that, finding her both instantly beguiling and impossible to talk to. Virgil teased me horribly about it after and told me how obvious my attraction was and how wooden I was. What does one say in those situations? I have no idea, and generally descend into platitudes and insincere affirmations. I stared at her tits, and complimented her on her tattoo. Even though it was not attractive it was at least quite original I guess.

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