Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Facebook Fear

Facebook is a horribly leaky situation for someone like me whose life is compartmentalised (to say the least).

A few months ago, Virgil, during a phonecall, pointed me in the direction of the Facebook page of "City Confidential - Exclusive Swingers Parties". I absent mindedly clicked through to it, joined, went off and forgot all about it.

When I came back to my laptop several hours later there was a smirky little message in my inbox from an acquaintance I know through work. It must have been announced on her news feed. My stomach turned over. I fired back a single interrogative for a reply and set about changing my privacy settings.

Now things are a little more secure, and work colleagues can no longer see my news feed, pages/groups I belong to, status updates and most of my pictures. Since becoming friends of the threesome on Facebook I have set up a new list called 'Party people' and they are not able to access directly my work/education information. Not that this is going to deter someone with a bit of intelligence.

Some days ago we wrote to Citycouple suggesting dates we would be available for a webcam meeting but we haven't heard back. I do believe the same has happened with the sexy young can't-spells for whom Virgil has suspended his usual insistence on good writing skills.

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