Sunday, 29 April 2012

Something to look forward to

Despite the recent disappointment of Tim having a girlfriend and the challenge of Virgil meeting up with Sarah (of which, more soon), I do have one card up my sleeve: Alan, the giver of the bruise at the recent play party. We have a date this week.
I'm pleased that it's going to be a proper date and not just a drink with the expectation of sex tacked onto the end of it. A proper date suggests an investment of time and energy that is flattering. Our interaction so far has been limited to a chat and a scene at a recent party, a few Facebook messages and of course a good rifle through the pictures on Alan's Facebook profile.

Alan is Australian. He's young and good looking and he's in an open relationship himself. He once helped out at one of the sex parties I organise but I didn't have time to chat with him, although I did make a mental note of his good lucks and practical abilities. And from the party I recollect that he has a nice cock, which is - well - nice.

I'm looking forward to finding more about Alan the person. I hope it makes things more interesting rather than less. I'm prepared to be pleased and determined not to compare him with Virgil, which is an awful habit of mine and guaranteed to nip a solo adventure in the bud before it has even begun.

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