Monday, 16 April 2012

We attend a play party. I leave with a bruise and some sense of progress

At a party on Saturday night I went off and played on my own. Got tied up and spanked and gave a very satisfying cock-sucking to someone. It was good - not earth-shattering but I enjoyed it! In the mirror this morning I was pleased to see a bruise on my left buttock.

When I wobbled back into the other room Virgil was sitting with two girls, one of whom was Voracious C. Virgil wanted to know exactly what I had done. I told him: First I got tied up, then spanked, then we kissed and played on the bed. Then I gave him a blowjob. Virgil said, Did he come? I said, Of course! (I'm proud of my blowjobs.)

A few weeks ago Virgil told me he would never play with Voracious C again. I had not asked for a permanent ban but I had been emphatic that we will not invite her to any more private parties we throw. I felt that was a bit harsh and had said that if he wanted to play with Voracious C at a public party that was his business. And there she was, with Virgil's arm around her, holding his hand.

Voracious C was feeling sad because she wasn't getting beaten enough that night. Some people consider themselves lucky if they go to a play party and hook up with one other person. Other people think they've been short-changed if the fun ever stops. Guess which type C is. They looked at me appealingly. I said: Well if you ask Virgil nicely maybe he'll give you one. He said: Are you sure? I said: Go for it, and off they went.

That was not easy. I had to have a thirty-second time out in the toilet after they left. It was unfortunate that it was Voracious C and not some neutral person. Why couldn't Virgil have found a new friend to go off with? I looked around for another playmate but at that point there were no contenders. 

I caught a glimpse of Virgil and Voracious C on the far side of the communal bed at the other end of the room. It looked like they were fucking. Virgil had his hand around her throat. I remembered that I had lost a black silk rose from my costume on the bed earlier. 

Then I found myself talking to a sweet girl called Ellie whose corset I had helped lace at the beginning of the night. We watched her boyfriend, Jake, playing with a beautiful girl he had tied to a spanking bench. We agreed how hot it looked and that we were both voyeurs. I love watching Jake with other people, Ellie said. I found that incredibly touching. I used to like watching Virgil with other people too until this jealousy thing blew up. I hope I can get back to that. I don't think it'll be with Voracious C though.

I didn't notice them finishing but suddenly Voracious C was back in my eyeline. This time she was being bent over Jake's knee and getting walloped. Virgil reappeared. He was solicitous. In a quiet moment I admitted that I had found it difficult. He said: But you said it was fine. You even suggested it. I said: Well, I did want you to have a chance to play with someone too and I'm glad that you did, but I felt as though you and C were asking my permission and it would have been really weird to say no so I took the initiative. 

Then I said: What did you get up to? He said: a bit of biting, a bit of scratching. I said: Did you have sex? Yes. Did you come? No. Was it good? It was ok, he said, and I found your rose. 

Small steps.

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