Friday, 20 April 2012

Two invitations: one good, one bad

This morning there are two new messages in my Facebook inbox. The good one is from Alan, the giver of Saturday night's bruise. He would like to see me again. Excellent news! I would like to see him again too and find out more about him. I hope there's enough connection besides the physical one for some nice sex and hopefully kink to happen. The other one is from Voracious C.

Voracious C has written to both me and Virgil to invite us to attend a social event with her on Sunday. Despite inner feelings of woe and impending doom, I reply with a pleasant holding note. As we fly past each other a few hours later I mention the invitation to Virgil. There is no time to talk and without quite catching my eye he says he thinks it best to refuse on the grounds of being too busy/tired from our existing plans. I agree but it is clear that this is not a neutral subject. I don't think I want to go on a social date with Voracious C and Virgil. I can't even start unpacking how I feel about that without sounding like a paranoid monster.

Voracious C's interest in Virgil is clear and I'm sure Virgil would like to play privately with her too but we have an agreement that he can play with her only at play parties. I wonder whether he's going to be a gentleman and honour that or whether he's going to try to renegotiate. What's an agreement worth if you start complaining as soon something about it doesn't suit?

I try not to think uncharitable thoughts about Voracious C - she's a nice person - but I know that I don't want to be friends with her. I find her a bit, well, young... Sexually there's no chemistry between us and her greedy, hit-me-harder, extrovert submissiveness is grating. I'm jealous of the connection between her and Virgil, obviously, but it's also that there's no room for anyone else to be submissive around Voracious C and she doesn't know how to share.

I don't think she realises this. On Saturday night she complained that the couple who were intending to top her together reneged on the arrangement because 'they had some relationship issues to sort out'. She said it in a slightly frustrated and superior way. Voracious C once told me wistfully that she is involved with someone who lives abroad. She rarely sees him. I wonder if she has ever actually been to a sex party with a partner, boyfriend or anyone who she might conceivably feel jealous about.

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