Sunday, 1 July 2012

New flatmate

I go to meet Luz at her workplace. Luz is my new potential flatmate. We have spoken on the phone but this is the first time we meet. It's her birthday and her day off but she's having a celebratory piercing or six. I am squeamish about piercings but I keep that to myself. It took me many years to have my ears done. The thought of a titanium bolt through a nipple or anywhere really makes me shiver.

My mood is dreadful: I have come from the hairdresser and it did not go as hoped for. My first words are: 'Sorry about this. I will get over it but I just have to express that... I HATE my new haircut. Argh!' In the dim light of the shop I see a very young, edgy, beautiful woman with pale skin and dark eyes. 'Oh, you're beautiful,' she said. 'Don't worry - it's a good haircut.'

High on the pain of piercing and the codeine she has taken, Luz launches conversationally into a catalogue of good reasons why I probably should not live with her. At the end of it I think, 'Well, why not?' My sense about Luz is this: a lot has happened in her short life, some of it she chose and some of it just landed on her plate. She is smart and has a good, strong spirit. There's something I like there and I warm to her. She's crazy but in a good way and she's young enough to be my daughter. When she tells me she has an espresso machine it's pretty much in the bag.

Recently I have been to see many flats and been interviewed by many potential flatmates. None of them got back to me although I sent texts to several saying thanks but their hovels are not what I am looking for. Later, Luz tells me that there are at least six other people interested in the room but that she wants me. 'Yeah,' she says, 'You're just laid back and calm, straightforward. I think we can make a go of it.' I agree.

I would have been the freak in these other households: now I'll be the (relatively) straight one.

We visit the place the next day. It's a newly converted warehouse with a big roof terrace. The builders haven't finished yet. They're hanging around smoking cigarettes and watching the paint dry. It doesn't disappoint. Afterward we go for a full English and shake hands on it. She insists on paying which is silly but she insists. We have to wait for the agent to approve the papers but we could be moving next week.

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