Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bataille Again

Here's a theory: the difference between porn and erotica is that you come while consuming porn but with erotica the kick comes after. I have joined a sexy book club. This month's choice is The Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille. Oh, piss and eyeballs! I found my old copy which has survived countless book culls and several moves.

I came across it by chance when I was 14. At that age my rich fantasy life was inspired largely by the fiction I read, anything I could get my hands on from Emmanuelle and Lace to random paperback porn. I was rapacious and indiscriminate and I masturbated at least once a day.

My 14-year-old self was sadly nonplussed by the profane, surrealist eroticism of The Story of the Eye. It's about a violently debauched erotic relationship between two French teenagers one summer in the early 1900s. Piss and shit, eggs, eyeballs and testicles, death and bullfights just didn't get me hot at 14. I remember trying and failing to get off on it.

This time was more interesting but much of the subject matter still doesn't speak to my sexual nature. The scenes where the two fuck in the bullring and opportunistically around Madrid and Seville turned me on, but my interest was more historical than pornographic.

So I didn't get strongly aroused while I was reading The Story of the Eye but afterward I felt restless and my thoughts circled around sex. I thought about masturbating but had to go to work. Later, as I was settling in for a comfortable wank on the sofa my friend arrived for dinner half an hour early. I was eager for Virgil's return from a few days' away.  

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