Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Spontaneity Rules

So much for plotting and lurking around on internet contact sites, arranging dates with strangers that take weeks and months to materialize and inevitably disappoint. Sometimes what is needed is a little spontaneity and an ex. So it was that Virgil, me, and Beatrix, a sometime lover of his, ended up in bed together on Saturday night and most of Sunday.

Virgil has good taste. Beatrix is beautiful and although it's quite a delicate beauty there's something mischievous and impish that makes it much more exciting. Unlike some girls we have fucked together, Beatrix doesn't lie back and wait to be done to. She gets stuck in. I haven't been so attracted to another woman for ages. I just wanted to bury myself in her, her hair, her soft skin, her breasts, her lovely wet, soft cunt. I loved seeing Virgil and her together too. 

Fucking hooray for cunt and for threesomes. I am simultaneously sated and hungry again.

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