Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All I want

"Female curmudgeon, 40-ish, prone to outbursts of weeping and self-righteousness; a so-called professional who is often at home; kinky; misanthropic; pet friendly, seeks lovely home with good views, green outside space; flatmates who are grown up but not dull, alternative but not freaks, sociable but know the importance of space and see home as a haven but not a hermitage."
I'm not really selling myself here. I don't know who I want to live with - I'd rather live alone than with people  I don't like.

I need to be planning my next move. I've put out discreet enquiries through a few close friends but need to cast my net more widely. Until Virgil and I have talked about our relationship and had a little time to reconnect, I don't feel as though I can do that. A glance or two at accommodation sites reveals the cost of renting in the city to be horribly expensive. On my current budget even a studio flat is more than I want to spend and I'm daunted at the idea of moving into a household of strangers. 

Something will come up, I tell myself. Give it a bit of time and keep looking and asking.

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