Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sex homework: Scene 1

We did the first of our homework scenes last night. I picked it. It was one of Virgil's two scenarios and it went like this:
'I would like to recreate something similar to what you did with me in our early days of going out. That is: to bath you in a warm bath, washing you all over until you are scrubbed nice and clean, then drying you off, brushing your hair and leading you into the bedroom. I lay you down on the bed, in the warm, and stroke you gently with brushes and with my fingers, massaging you until you are aroused. Then I play with your cunt using my hands and fingers, biting your ears and kissing your neck. I take my clothes off and play with your cunt, now good and wet, and when you are ready I make love to you.' 
The kinkier scene involved a spanking but there was no mention of sex. I asked if it could be amended to involve fucking or a blow job but Virgil would not be drawn: 'I'm not saying that might not happen,' he raised his eyebrows, 'but there's no guarantee. You'd have to be prepared to take what you were given.' 

To me this was bending the rules and taking his power in the scene into the negotiation of the scene - not fair. What if I had picked that scenario thinking that it wouldn't involve fucking and then Virgil had decided that it should? These scenarios, while not exhaustive, should outline the potential limits of what might happen.

In the end I couldn't commit to taking a beating and being called names without Virgil at least committing to the possibility of having sex afterward. I gave up and chose the safe option.

After an initial fit of ticklishness in the bath, I calmed down and enjoyed being soaped and dried. We lay down and he rubbed me with oil and then ran a brush all over me. It was nice-scratchy. My skin tingled. I lay back and luxuriated. I felt spoiled and sensual. My inner queen was well satisfied. By the time Virgil started playing with my cunt I was, as he had intended, good and wet. And when finally he put on a condom and pushed slowly into me I was very ready for him.

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