Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dom hunt

Keep working away on that wishlist, Harlot. Do a little more each day. I write an email:
"Hi Oliver, 
Confession: I didn't message you completely out of the blue last week. Your name came up recently in conversation with a good mutual friend. She reminisced fondly about you one night over dinner. I had expressing a hankering for kinky new friends and she told me that you were something of a master-beater and a sound person to boot. 
So, without any knowledge of your current situation, and with no more previous than a few long-ago messages on a social network for perverts, I'm going to risk an award for social gaucheness to ask whether you would care to meet for a drink to, well, sniff each other out a bit?
Do let me know.
Ha-hah!* I sit back and wait for a reply (hopefully in the affirmative but even a refusal would be better than nothing). How long should such a generous offer be kept waiting for a response?

Virgil's big work deadline is today. He emails in the morning to say that he did not manage to go home from the office last night. I ask if he had managed to get some sleep there and he says no but he lay on the floor for half an hour. We talk briefly about a joint project we are working on. Unexpected problems have come up. I complain that it's taking my whole day and I have so much to do.

'Like what?' asks Virgil. 'Look for somewhere to live, find a job, you know...' I say, with an edge in my voice. I regret the words and the loss of equanimity which they represent immediately.

*Reader, I've come a long way: some years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of approaching a dominant in this bold manner (although why I said master-beater I'm not sure: I think it was going to be a joke on masturbator but I didn't finish making it and now the epithet looks ridiculous). My early interactions with dominants were fueled mostly by fantasy and some idea of what d/s relationships should be like. I came cringing and deferent. I'm erring more toward top and bottom as descriptors these days. Then again, I'm erring toward nothing at all on the d/s front right now.

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