Friday, 4 May 2012

Sex homework II

Finally I manage to complete the first part of the sex homework: two fantasies for Virgil to choose between. I feel unaccountably shy about it but I've posted them anyway. Read them. See: I am neither big nor clever and (in case you had been wondering) yes I am indeed a pervert. If I'm honest, I'd prefer the second (the first sounds as though it came out of a sex therapy book). The kinkier one is riskier but more exciting. D/s has been too complicated between us for a long time. Maybe this is a safe way to dip our toes in the water again.

Option 1
In bed, we lie naked on our sides, facing each other. We keep eye contact as much as possible while we take it in turns to run our hands over each other. It’s sensual rather than sexual. We tell each other without judgement where it feels nicest and whether we would like it harder or softer. We take it in turns to blindfold each other. Then we use different implements: hands, fingertips, nails, the falls of a flogger, a feather, ice etc.
Our skin gets warm and sensitive from all that sensory input. Then we get more sexual, taking it in turns to touch each other’s cock/cunt. No pressure to come, just to be in a really nice sensual, sexy zone. We can do 69. It’s about creating a space and being in it together. When we’re both ready, I want to have your cock inside my cunt in a position, face on probably, where we have as much body and eye contact as possible. I’d like you to fuck me slowly, rhythmically.

Option 2
I want to be a dumb pet. I’d like to not have to talk.You bathe me, make me kneel in the bath while you wash me thoroughly. You dry and groom me, rub on body lotion and brush my hair so it is neat and sleek. Then you put the collar on me and the tail. No ears please! Please talk to me while you do this and tell me what a good pet I am and what we are going to do together. You can decide on the play element. I would be very happy to be made to suck your cock and lick your balls, kneeling in front of you while you stand or sit on the sofa. Then I would like to be spanked over your knee and, when I cannot keep still enough, handcuffed to the bed, both wrists and one of my ankles secured to the middle of the footboard. Please use the under-bed restraints/handcuffs but not rope. This is so that you can turn me from my front onto my back. I would like to be blindfolded and flogged lightly and then cropped harder all over my body, first on my back, then the front of my body. At the end, you make me come using hands, mouth, vibrators, whatever you choose. Then if it pleases you you can tell me how you would like me to make you come. 

Virgil wrote two fantasy scenarios too. Earlier, before reading them, we tossed a coin. 'Heads we do yours first, tails mine,' I said. It was heads so tonight I have to choose one of Virgil's scenes, of which, more later. I'm looking forward to it. I feel hot and loving in the way I used to when we played sex games early on in our relationship. 

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