Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Getting Aural

Davy, the New Boy from OkCupid, called. We talked for half an hour but there wasn't much aural chemistry. His voice was a bit nasal and there was something in the cadence that was anti-sexual. I don't think it worked for him either. Next time I call someone the New Boy it'll be on the basis of a lot more than just a few emails.

Davy had said that he didn't like the telephone much and I sympathise but I simply wouldn't meet up with someone unless we'd had a conversation first, just in case I really disliked their voice. It's a small but key component of sexual attraction. I spend a lot of time trying to work out what makes people attractive to me without coming up with much in the way of answers. Davy's voice was not a deal-breaker. It obviously wasn't his sexy voice. He just sounded uncomfortable and as though he was going through with it under duress.

At the end of the conversation he confessed that his name wasn't Davy. He's actually an Arthur. What is it about men and lying about their names? I've come across this a few times now.

I feel like a stow-away. I haven't been out yet today, even though it's nice and I know I will feel better for being in the sunshine. I'm still in a terrible mood. I even went back to bed for a bit around midday and shed a tear when Virgil came and hugged me.

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