Wednesday, 25 May 2011


A really very sweet text from Arthur last night. Apparently he enjoyed our conversation very much and thinks there is so much more to say. Now I feel like a curmudgeon. Well, yes!, we can have more conversation. I reckon I'd even meet for a coffee and the real life acid test.

I flick around a bit on OkCupid but feel utterly uninspired by anyone I see on there. I try to access my old AFF profile again but it is closed to me. I have an unaccountable longing for blurry cock shots. What is going on?

How long can a bad mood last? It's been weeks and there's no end in sight. The silver lining to this cloud: I have no appetite. I'm getting lean and mean. Virgil is envious. He gets fat when he's depressed. I'm not depressed though, just mostly angry.

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