Monday, 23 May 2011

New Boy

OkCupid has finally turned up someone of interest. Davy and I have already swapped emails and pictures and this morning I suggested a phone conversation as the next logical step. Virgil saw me writing to him yesterday. Apparently I looked up guiltily and closed loads of windows as he came to sit down with me. First I said that I wasn't doing anything. Then I admitted that I was. Virgil said: "You would have gone ballistic if you had caught me writing to someone on OkCupid in the living room while you were there."
"Only if you told me about it," I replied. "I couldn't go ballistic if I didn't know."

He's pleased that I'm doing this. So am I: I need a sexual adventure. I haven't felt very sexy recently. I want that excitement of a new person. I want someone to look at my body, see an exciting new thing, and want to discover it. I want some sex without baggage.

I don't know how I feel about Davy yet. Excited, I suppose, a little, but it's a bit early for that. I haven't even heard his voice, let alone spent an hour in his company. He sounds sweet though and he expresses himself well. Very young but a bit of an original. We'll see.

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