Monday, 23 May 2011

Horrible day

Unless you've had a messy weekend, Mondays are crap days off, especially when you have a dreaded meeting to go to. Days off are supposed to be fun. Mondays are nothing days when you just feel that you've got to do admin or useful things. There's nothing festive or celebratory or special about it at all.

The dreaded meeting has overshadowed my whole weekend. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to have to find somewhere else to work from. The whole thing makes me want to go and stack shelves in Tescos, although I suppose that would be stressful in its own right. Actually, not Tesco - I'd like to go and work in a healthfood shop and arrange packets of beans and coffee for a living, lounge around in scruffy clothes behind a wooden counter and make juices for people. Pretend that I only eat organic meat and use eco-friendly products. It sounds nice. My first ever job was in a shop like this, many years ago, when I was at school.

I can't say what this horrible fucking meeting is about, but I'll be glad when it's over whatever the upshot of it is. Then I'm going to go to the cinema with my Mum. It's her birthday so I'm going to do my best not to spoil it with my miserable mood. I knew it was going to be tricky, spending time with her today...

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