Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What's in it for you?

Somebody suggested that a blog should offer its readers something. That's funny. I thought a blog was a big electronic chasm that people come to wail into (those who aren't posting pictures of their children and bible study group outings, that is).

I have been writing for a while now, almost exclusively to answer my own need to write but maybe with an idea that I might create something at some point that was worth reading by other people. It seems a long way off. What IF ANYTHING could my blog offer other people? I have dredged up some ideas:

  • it's a 'how not-to' guide for open relationships or just life in general. It's a blog about someone who is their own worst enemy. It might help you avoid the pitfalls I have fallen into.
  • it's a joke at my expense. Come and cringe at my awfulness.
  • it's a window on an alternative lifestyle. Of sorts. While I might feel as though I'm going quietly nowhere, I help to run a really good sex party, even if I rarely have sex at it. Virgil says that lots of people could find this interesting. I wonder. 
Number three option is on my mind today. Virgil and I are throwing our own mini-play party this New Year's Eve. We have rented a very fancy warehouse conversion and invited all the people we like and/or feel like shagging from our circle of sex party friends and acquaintances. It's a chance for us to be party hosts instead of party organisers. More about this later.


  1. If you're only writing for yourself, you may as well type everything into a document file on your computer. This only reason to have a blog is to share your thoughts with other people.

    The window on an alternative lifestyle sounds like a good idea. Excluding sex workers, I don't think there are many who've tried having an open relationship.

  2. I've heard open relationships are wildly fashionable in gorilla society. May I approach you at some point for a guest blogger piece?

  3. We don't call them open relationships, Ms RH. The silverback and his harem are a tight little unit.