Saturday, 29 October 2011


My skin is soft and smooth. I don't have stretchmarks and my vagina has not been distended or torn by birth. There are no caesarean scars on my stomach. My breasts don't look so very different from when I was a teenager. I have never lactated and no infant mouths have pulled on my nipples. A few thread veins swirl on my left thigh but you have to look closely. With age and exercise I have become more muscular and sinewy but no bigger overall.

Of course I am aging. Looking closer, my skin has lost some of its softness and fluidity. My features are hardening, more sculpted. When I frown, grimace, smile or laugh, which I do often, lines appear.

I don't look anywhere near forty. I am often told this. Although it's the truth, 'I know' sounds smug and a denial insincere. That's the no-kids effect, I usually say, and the virgin's blood baths.

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