Sunday, 29 January 2012

All work

We had the most delicious cuddle in bed this morning, Virgil and me. It was heavenly. We were so close. For a moment I hoped it might turn into a fuck but my luck was not in. He made breakfast while I played with my new vibrators. He could have stayed and learned how to use them on me but he seemed shy so I said he didn't have to. I've lost track of when we last had sex. It was weeks ago. I have made a few remarks but there's no point badgering him because that makes it worse.

Virgil is stressed. We're all about work and tax returns. I am underemployed and he is overcommitted so I've been helping him. We have a sex party to organise. When we're not about those things we're doing work on our relationship and checking in. We have conversations about what kind of open relationship we each want to have and how we can make a plan for this to work. We see our counsellor. Sex has got squeezed out.

But cuddles are important. I heard recently about something called a cuddle party where you can explore non-sexual touch with strangers. I'm curious. I use touch in my work and I suppose you could say that I'm familiar with sexual touch (even with strangers). The idea of a cuddle party makes me feel weird. I'm not a very huggy person - or rather I am quite discerning about who I get huggy with. My first thought on hearing about a cuddle party was that it would be full of creepy guys which is probably more indicative of my own paranoia and uptightness. I think I will go.

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  1. Karl Pilkington went to a cuddle part in the second series of 'An Idiot Abroad'. It was in California and the women there seemed very affectionate, but he wouldn't do anything more than back-to-back touching, which he said was like travelling on the tube.

    Just stay a good distance from anyone who physically repels you and you should be OK.