Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bad Sex

I'm just finishing a three-day weekend of graveyard shifts. It's not good for the soul. I'm not busy enough today to distract me from the memory of what happened when I got home last night.

An exchange of texts, around midnight:

V: Reckon you'll be finishing early?
RH: Unlikely I'm afraid.
V: Goodnight sweetheart x
RH: Can I wake you up when I come back? Just very gently and for a little bit? :)
V: When will you be back?
RH: 1.20 - I don't really mean to wake you up. Thats just what my selfish side would like to do!

The upshot of the exchange was that Virgil thought I was asking for sex.

When I crept naked into our bedroom, ready to slide in beside him, he was awake. We curled up and he started to stroke me. He said, Would you like me to lick you?

My thoughts had been entirely unsexual. I'd just worked a dull 12-hour shift and my horniness had been satisfied by the morning's vibrator session. So I was surprised but, as I am rarely able to refuse an offer like that, I said, Yes alright!

There was something odd about Virgil but I couldn't identify it. He was unusually dirty and insistent but kind of sloppy and uncommunicative. After making me come with his mouth, he started to fuck me. He wanted me to keep going and use a vibrator on myself. So I went with it and did that, and eventually after I had come again (hooray for vibrators at moments like this) he turned me over, stuck a glass dildo in my cunt and fucked me in the arse. I can't remember when that last happened...

Eventually he realised that I wasn't going to come again and said, In that case you can give my cock some attention, so I went down on him.

And as I wanked and sucked his cock and balls, and he writhed around, unable to come, a thought occurred to me and I asked, Have you done G?

Yes, he said, and I went cold and silent. I didn't want to start thinking about it. He didn't say anything more either. I turned away from Virgil and forced myself (eventually) go to sleep.

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