Tuesday, 19 June 2012

First date

I have a date with Oliver tonight. I haven't told anyone about it. When Virgil asked what I was doing I said only that I was busy. We have an honesty policy but I don't think a first date needs to be announced in advance of its happening. If it goes well (or very badly), I'll tell him: for now he can speculate.

It's bad luck to over-invest in a first date. Nonetheless I am looking forward to it. I feel optimistic. The date has taken me several weeks to engineer. Oliver is a dominant: I suppose it is a d/s date. I'm not entirely sure how this is different from a normal date except that BDSM-talk will definitely be on the menu. I am so out of the habit. 'Take it easy,' I think. 'It's a drink and a conversation.' 

Before I started seeing Virgil a first date could have meant anything at all and often involved sex, bondage or a beating. I've slowed down a lot.

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