Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am owed a sexual favour but cannot collect

It's more than a month since I met up with old-flame Tim of the not non-exclusive relationship. Once or twice I wondered what happened to him after our meeting, whether he had got up the courage to have that conversation with the friend in need who had accidentally become his girlfriend and flatmate. My own relationship turmoil mostly knocked all thoughts of him out of my head though. So it was a nice surprise when an email from Tim landed in my inbox thanking me for my sound advice and updating me on recent developments in his situation.

I don't often get called a woman of integrity or thanked for sternly talking sense into people. Tim's situation is still uncertain but he decided not to be a sneaky fucker and has been honest about how he feels and what he has to offer. To his relief, his world hasn't fallen in (yet). He says if there is anything he can do in return I have only to ask.

In the spirit of keeping it real I give him a brief overview of what has happened between me and Virgil. Tim is surprised: he has been thinking enviously of my enlightened situation! Of course, I say: it's easy to imagine that other people have it all worked out. I assure him that the changes are for the best (or will be) and, reasoning that his declaration of indebtedness is no more than a thinly disguised offer, let it be known that I am currently accepting sexual favours.

Tim says that he would like to but things are delicate; he couldn't accommodate. He's not sure his girlfriend has really taken him seriously yet and although she's not spent much time at his flat she hasn't moved out either. He asks where I am living. I think of my tiny bedroom at my brother's and simultaneously of the way Tim bellows when he comes. I think of my brother's flatmates who don't know that Virgil and I have an open relationship.

'Confounded...' I think, and mentally put Tim on a backburner.

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