Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Flat hunt

The lack of a view and anything green in the flat Virgil and I have been sharing has always irked me, but returning to the rental market I remember how grubby, ill-kempt and expensive rental accommodation is in this city. In the last two days I have been to see rooms in two flats and one warehouse. Each time I have known within seconds that this is not the place for me. To be honest, I can usually tell before I've made it through the door due to the heavy traffic or the presence of a train track metres away. I make my apologies, sometimes stay for a cup of tea, and leave. There's no point hanging around. I've become used to something a bit nicer these last few years. I hope for something wonderful to manifest and keep checking the flatshare sites.

Today I meet up with Jill. She's a friend of a friend who is coming out of a bad patch and also needs a new home. I am cautious because she's on daily NA meetings and by her own account had to break her last tenancy agreement. Also, I don't know her at all. Jill has a lot of furniture (enough to fill a massive one-bedroom flat, she says) but I don't know what it looks like. What if it's horrid and then I have to live surrounded by it? The mutual friend has told me that she is obsessively clean and tidy. I think of Virgil and his ability to create chaos. I think of my own relative domesticity but it would be ironic if the person I lived with after Virgil was driven mad by my moderate messiness.

On the positive side, Jill is candid and honest about where she's at and she seems to get me. We've both had big career rethinks; we both need to do work on ourselves. When I ask her where she met Hazel she laughs and says: 'At a sex party,' and I say: 'Oh me too.'

We drink tea and have a strange, hybrid conversation: half confessional, half interview. She confesses that her worst habit is getting cross about mess; I admit to being bad tempered and needing space. I say: 'Look, you can say anything, ask me anything. When you agree to live with someone you're going to see alot of them, really get to know their private side. Don't be worried about asking me something personal or being honest now.' 

We agree to think it over and talk again in two days. I wonder whether it would be rude to ask her to send me some pictures of her furniture. 

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