Monday, 18 June 2012

Tantric masturbatory explosion or did I just get lucky?

Hey all of you with nine-to-five jobs. It's Monday morning and I've nothing on. There's not a thing I have to do this morning. I have a very little bit of paid work later and time with Virgil and a birthday party to look forward to in the evening. I've checked the flatshare and job sites, written a few emails, looked too long at Facebook and resisted the urge to read a novel. I've also just had the most incredible wank.
Truly, it was unplanned, uninhibited, unparalleled and glorious. Probably the kind of wank that can only happen if you have enough time to take a lazy bath on a Monday morning. I feel I must tell you about it, even though it will probably sound hilarious and weird rather than hot and erotic.

Baths are more comforting and much sexier than showers, don't you think? The bathtub is where I single-handedly invented masturbation at the age of twelve while playing with the shower head. I should say that most of my masturbatory experiences are perfunctory and nothing to write home about but for this I'll make an exception. I really think some kind of psychic energy thing happened. 

It began with me quite mundanely soaping my arsehole. Unpremeditated, a few words from the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom (Girl On The Net quoted him recently) about roughly agitating an abbot's arsehole popped into my mind. Alliteration always was a weakness of mine. 'Oh, that's sort of what I'm doing,' I thought, and just for fun I did it for a bit longer than I actually needed to. And I was almost straightaway very aroused. 

I'm quite an anal person already: it's not like I was just discovering this for the first time, but it doesn't usually occur to me to play with my own bottom. I was surprised at how instantly and intensely turned on I got. My other hand grabbed my clit and - honestly - about twenty seconds later I had a totally explosive clitoral/anal orgasm. Even as I was coming I was thinking 'Wow, oh wow! I want another orgasm like that and quickly!' and maybe a minute later I came again, bang! 

Another remarkable thing about this experience was the amount of noise I made. I'm generally quite a noisy fucker during sex but when I masturbate I tend to be pretty quiet. Maybe it's because I don't need to communicate my pleasure to myself in the same way as to a lover; perhaps it's about not wanting to be overheard. Whatever... this morning loud groans and big deep breaths and sighs started coming out, all the way up from deep inside me. Even after I stopped I kept making the noises while I lurched out of the bath and dried myself off.

'Jesus fuck,' I kept saying. I felt ravenous, shaky and buzzing like fury. It's an hour later and my pussy still feels the pleasure of it. If my vibrators weren't all in the drawer next to Virgil's bed and I didn't have to go and do some work soon I'd be off to give myself a few more orgasms right now. As it is I am hoping Virgil might feel sexy later (actually, scratch that perilous thought).

I must have hit some basal chakra point there. Something unusual definitely happened: something moved. I wonder what it was exactly.

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