Monday, 14 November 2011


The Ethical Slut says that you might find it helpful to keep a notebook in which you just write FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK when your open relationship is doing your head in and that's ok. Maybe I'm not a totally fuck-up. I'd quite like to have a room to go to where I can scream it as loudly as possible and beat my hands against a soft wall. Oh hang on, such rooms do exist and I'd rather not.

I went on a date with someone yesterday. I didn't mention it earlier because I hadn't posted for days and there were so many other things to write about.

Robert gave a good first impression of being an intelligent, interesting man. I think he's quite eccentric and I am curious to see how that manifests. When he leaned against the park bench we were sitting on I could see through his clothes that he has a good body.

He has crazy facial hair. I don't find that very sexy but I'm hoping it won't be a deal-breaker because in other respects there is potential here. I've had a few bad experiences with beards and maybe this has coloured my judgement. In the past I have found them to be odorous and bristly. His beard and moustache were soft when we kissed hello. I wonder what they would feel like all over my face. Would they tickle? I am totally up for getting over my moustache and beard aversion.

Of note: he is filthy by his own admission, an attractive quality in a man. I need a d/s playmate. I wonder if it could be him. He has good taste in clothes and also bakes bread. So he could invite me around for home-made bread and Scrabble, bend me over the table of his characterful flat and administer a sound spanking.

There was good conversation and the time passed quickly but he avoided much eye contact. I have no idea whether that was a good or bad thing. I have a close friend who almost never makes eye contact. It's just how she is. I decided not to judge him on it and afterward sent a positive text to which he responded with warmth. If he contacts me for another date I'll say more, but for now that's enough.

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