Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out Alone

I dressed up and went alone to the play party but I talked to friends and (disappointingly) did not play. There was a very sexy French woman working in the cloakroom. A mutual friend who Virgil and I topped together not so long ago had told her all about me. I assume that she told her about the topping because of the way Hannah raised her eyebrows when she said 'all' about me. I should have made an overt offer. Instead we chatted. Maybe it would have happened but I got tired and went home. If we meet again I think it is a situation with potential.

Some very forward boy subs wanted to invite me to a domme night they help to run. One said, There are so many things I would like to do for you. I think that is not so very different from saying do to you.  I explained that the idea meant little to me. When I top it's almost always women. A guy rubbing my feet is nice only because I like a good foot rub. Not that I wouldn't top a man, but it would have to be one who I chose, not one who chose me.

It was something of an anticlimax in the end. I was ready for a solo adventure.

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