Thursday, 3 November 2011

I want you just because I can?

Having finally had sex with someone else other than Virgil last week, I am in two minds about whether I want to see Michel again. I feel guilty about this. In the meantime he sends me affectionate texts and emails. I think he's going to get hurt.

It wasn't that it was bad sex. He's quite attractive, competent with his tongue and hands. He has a large, banana-shaped cock which makes a change to the norm. I was slightly taken aback by his shaved chest and genitals. It doesn't fit with long hair and a beard somehow. I thought it was mostly swinger-type males who shave their body hair and Michel isn't one of those.

One other thing that didn't sit quite right: he has now made comments on two occasions to the effect that I must come many times. Whether this is because he is so confident of his sexual skills that he can render any woman multi-orgasmic, whether he has a Hitachi Magic Wand under his bed and plans to spring it on me (no thanks), or whether he is simply the type of man who needs that confirmation of his prowess, I don't like the thought that anyone is counting my orgasms (except me). It's actually quite a turn off, even if the intent is good.

The main reason I'm dragging my heels toward Monday, however, is simply that I don't think I'm sufficiently into him. I mean, we've only met a handful of times and I'm running out of things to say. I feel like I'm doing this mostly because it's important to be doing it right now rather than because I have met someone who I want to do it with. So when Virgil tells me that he is thinking of going on a date on Monday it is easy to reply that I had been thinking of doing the same thing and sending a confirmation text to Michel. How... convenient.

I wonder how into his lover Virgil is, but decide not to ask.

We have our third appointment with our relationship counsellor tomorrow. With no voice, Virgil may finally get a word in edge-wise.

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